Got a Business Degree? Can’t get a Job? Broke?

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“…if there was anywhere where it was not more evident that success in an academic field did not require grades required for university entrance, Business would be it.…”

(This article was first published at on Nov 4, 2015)


Remembrance Day 2015

We should salute all those who served and those who could not but would have wanted to.

Canadian Government Kills Innovation

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Basic Research” is things which usually don’t always have an immediate use. The federal government killed Research funding and fired scientist and decimated their ability to do research. That is just one example.

The findings of such research might have no applied use for the manufacturing and capitalization today but are needed for the innovation of things which we need tomorrow – thus the reason, the government is killing Innovation.

(This article was first published at on Oct 13, 2015)

Trans-Pacific Partnership: The “Big” NAFTA?

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The Problem…

Under the TPP (Trans-Pacific Partnership) countries across the Pacific, who do our Manufacturing for us and take away jobs while killing the need for innovation, manufacturing and distribution, will now able to do it even more but the deal is there is no over head or much less for shipping it across which means it’s cheaper. All that sounds good until your unemployed and don’t have a job to afford the now cheaper items.

(This article was first published at on April 24, 2015)

Worse than Being Fired

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” Recently at this event, I came alone as per and start mingling with other people at this event when I ended up in this conversation with a Director of an outsourcing blue-chip firm with Canadian headquarters. This firm had a massive global representation and I’m sure you’ve narrowed it down to the 2- or 3. When I meet people like this manager, I often take notes – either in my head or on paper. I’m going to paraphrase my conversation to stress a point and that point being what is Worse than Being Fired.

After the preliminary introductions, this manger asks me how I find business as a technical consultant and contractor or even as a self made Blue-Chip level Projects Consultant for a blue-chip firms and I say, 

“well, it’s not what I wanted but ended up working in my favor” …”

(This article was first published at on April 24, 2015)

What Do “Top Under” Awards Say?


Do “Top Under” Awards Say?
(article first published at  July 28, 2015)

Only a dummy releases contacts for references with their contact info, their Financials, and exposes their full work history not to mention volunteers helping the needy – for their self esteem…“.


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A Bully: Real Life Cry Baby

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A Bully: A Real Life Cry Baby

(article first published at on May 22, 2015)

Game Plan of a Bully:

First a Bully – Then A Victim

That’s the narcissist and bully plan. Expose them at every step then, unleash your legal teams, criminal lawyer first

I am neither a Bully and I not a Victim. For me the world is full of people like this. It just gets old playing the same game with a Cry Baby who is Bully.

Author: Randeep Dosanjh

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Fundraising, Corporate Social Responsibility and Helping Others

Fundraising, Corporate Social Responsibility and Helping Others

(article first published at on May 7, 2015)

“What is Fundraising?

What is Social Responsibility?

What does it mean to help people?

Unlike Fundraising and Social Responsibility, “helping people” has no clear definition, when Googled – there is mostly links to steps one would take to help others in need, in trouble or with somethings which require help – even rules to be humane.

Author: Randeep Dosanjh

A Rights Reserved with any reference to this article in whole or in part with the consent of the Author: Randeep Dosanjh

Entrepreneur, Microsoft Solution Provider (Senior BI / SharePoint & .NET)-

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