Why Your Kid NEVER Got into Medical School: Not UBC?

This paper was first created, written, authored & Published on September 13, 2017 by Randeep Dosanjh at why-your-kid-never-got-medical-school-randeep-dosanjh-1c/ with all rights are reserved with the written and signed consent of Randeep Dosanjh himself.

This Paper will attempt to explain..

  1. Why Medical School is a White Privilege, more evident at UBC than most universities in the west
  2. Why ethnic filtering might occur when picking students for medical school
  3. Why in my community, it seems that Sikh Men and other ethnic men, are shorted in the post secondary system and discouraged from becoming doctors?
  4. What the Fear is from a Health Care system to fear Sikh Men, Sikh men with turbans and other Ethnic Males of colour who are either Non-Christian, Non-Muslim, and Non-Aryan sections of the population or have all these traits listed above.
  5. Why Chinese and Asians are not a threat to the power dynamics by not threatening the exercising of racism when picking students, providing jobs and-or providing health care in this system

Reference to the pictures below, originally they came from:


Above: Screen Shot from 2016 when I Googled: [ Vancouver Coastal Health Sikh ]

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