Real Estate, Transportation, Uber and BC Politics?


There’s a quote by Ronald Reagan which defines how government operates,

    “When a business or an individual spends more than it makes, it goes bankrupt. When government does it, it sends you the bill. And when government does it for 40 years, the bill comes in two ways: higher taxes and inflation. Make no mistake about it, inflation is a tax and not by accident.”

How do Politicians Make Money? … the Left or the RIght, here’s how they steal money.

Stealing tax dollars is the most often committed reason for the down fall of a Politician or a Political Party

From Building Infrastructure to Co Operative Housing & MORE. It’s seems like an Accounting mayhem of thievery. Have a read!

(This paper was first published & can be found in FULL at on April 3, 2017)

All Rights Reserved with the Author, Randeep Dosanjh, with Written Request and Consent

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