Wall Street 101: (Sun Tzu) “War is About Deception”​

When I say to someone who is trying to get me OR would like to ruin me, I know they’re little people so when I invite them into my space then, I end by saying in my head, “Come to the Devil :)” . I often see fear, a trial at ambivalence which they walk away from to that they are doing something or think something or wanting to do something irrational and cheap. War is often undeclared openly amongst these types because they are weak little people. These situation declare we don’t like each other and then when I approach them about it, it is to openly declare that they are in my line of fire. Now warfare is public, they cannot hide and now they wait in fear or learn and step away. Your army and its full capabilities should be kept in shadows. Slither like a snake, don’t gallop like a horse or hunt like a lion, you’re competition should destroy itself or be strangled in silence with its own moves.

(This article was first Published on November 13, 2016 at https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/wall-street-101-sun-tzu-war-deception-randeep-dosanjh)
Randeep Dosanjh

Systems Analyst / PM at Not Disclosed

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