“I can Attest to the Nightmare faced when dealing with either this “herd” or any it’s contacts in the industry:

  • I’ve been not paid 3 times
  • had to quit once due to a bad placement
  • I’ve been fired without cause in every instance where I didn’t quit.
  • Sent to interviews to be laughed at, discredited and told that I lied on my resume
  • Discrediting my references AND my work to a point where my reputation has been under fire
  • It’s so bad that, I got sent to Regina, Saskatchewan and got sent back in 6 days for a 12 month contract (once again from an Alberta based companies’ Project Manager)
  • 100% failure rated when dealing with this “herd” of 3rd party firms or contacts of this “herd” either from Vancouver head quartered firms or with the contacts there of…”

(This article was first published at https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/vancouver-recruitment-just-problem-clients-looking-randeep-dosanjh on  August 14, 2016)