Chinese are taking over Canada, Canadian Politicians Can’t Stop Them



“…Here is what the advantages are to growing urban centres by forcing new comers to settle out of Vancouver…

  1. This holds value of your current stock with increases, as you move then..
  2. The step above (1) strengths or Increases the barter amount / currency value
  3. Creates jobs
  4. Build economies
  5. Increases future stock value
  6. Increases development of new real estate
  7. That new real estate filled with new comers and people already reside there gets filled with residential and business real estate spaces
  8. Schools and health care facilities roll in with estential services – this creates more jobs
  9. These steps create more tax payers and more tax dollars
  10. Creates urban tourism and vacation spots outside of just Vancouver


Why won’t tax surcharges work?

Because what is a measliy little tax to some who over bids to begin with? People who have to work really hard for thier money don’t blow money into the wind the way Chinese ove bidding happens which tells common sense business people like myself, they either don’t have to work very hard for it OR it’s being laundered.


So why is density of populations bad for the economy? Why is bad for the people who live here?

  • Dense populations in urban centres create class denomination over many years where in old buildings move people who are much lower on the socio economic ladder – that creates Ghettos
  • Dense populations in urban centres raise crime rates – petty crime, drugs, prostitution, street level drugs and other crimes…”

(This article was first published at on  July 11, 2016)

Randeep Dosanjh

Randeep Dosanjh

Systems Analyst / PM at Not Disclosed



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