Yes, Banned from the Greater Vancouver Board of Trade, WTCA


Iain Black, CEO/President of the Greater Vancouver Board of Trade, banned me from Membership. So like in nations where Free Speech, Independent Thought or the Freedom to Express are not allow, Mr. Iain Black banned me from membership and that, when I wrote to him asking for him.

Iain Black decided indirectly that “Randeep Dosanjh, I, was a Big Enough” to “Iain Black, his circle and his Organization” that Mr. Iain Black, Banned me from Membership and Banned me from Competition for Awards while I was Under 40.

As you know, Iain Black is a “Public Figure”and I am, Not.

So this fear or hate Iain Black has for me, when I called to reconcile, and empower him by asking for help with my small career, Iain did just the opposite.

(This article, a public notice to business partners both present and possible Future contacts, can be read in full at )







Why Your Kid NEVER Got into Medical School: Not UBC?

This paper was first created, written, authored & Published on September 13, 2017 by Randeep Dosanjh at why-your-kid-never-got-medical-school-randeep-dosanjh-1c/ with all rights are reserved with the written and signed consent of Randeep Dosanjh himself.

This Paper will attempt to explain..

  1. Why Medical School is a White Privilege, more evident at UBC than most universities in the west
  2. Why ethnic filtering might occur when picking students for medical school
  3. Why in my community, it seems that Sikh Men and other ethnic men, are shorted in the post secondary system and discouraged from becoming doctors?
  4. What the Fear is from a Health Care system to fear Sikh Men, Sikh men with turbans and other Ethnic Males of colour who are either Non-Christian, Non-Muslim, and Non-Aryan sections of the population or have all these traits listed above.
  5. Why Chinese and Asians are not a threat to the power dynamics by not threatening the exercising of racism when picking students, providing jobs and-or providing health care in this system

Reference to the pictures below, originally they came from:


Above: Screen Shot from 2016 when I Googled: [ Vancouver Coastal Health Sikh ]

The Gender of an Entire Population Segment Ostracized for decimation … a UBC Thesis Examination



“… (This is a live edit space, published later at my publishing sites. This is a live edit space, published later at my publishing sites. The cartoon above is an exaggeration of the Punjabi male, however it is funny although the perception has never changed even while the community isn’t like this very much. However, as the thesis examined points out, this behaviour is a result of segmented assimilation where the need to protect thier masculinity over comes their motivation to do well in school as one factor observed. I validate that point further in this article.)

This is a UBC thesis interpretation and examination with the link below. Read this thesis below which this paper will examine and give you insight into these boys and why they fail, the stresses outside in their lives to be examined.

Thank You For Doing the Work to Publish this Thesis (2010, “Getting by high school : identity formation and the educational achievements of Punjabi young men in Surrey, B.C.”, Frost, Heather Danielle, University of British Columbia).

Education Shows Health Care Negiligent to An Education Epidemic:

An entire gender’s self perception unhindered by Health Care and Education Systems. Possibly Diagnosed incapable, possibly mentally ill and possibly criminal to limit opportunities, career gains, relationships and families? Mental Health as weapon or purposely negligent in a cultural warfare to ostracize a gender to decimation of thier desires for higher education, occupational choices? A Population segment with the Health, Education and essential services aiding in the ostracism of a population segment. Blame, Shame to an apparent problem…”

This paper was first created, written, authored & Published on May 24, 2017 by Randeep Dosanjh at with all rights are reserved with the written and signed consent of Randeep Dosanjh.population-segment-fostered-fail-ubc-thesis-dosanjh with all rights are reserved with the written and signed consent of Randeep Dosanjh.

Real Estate, Transportation, Uber and BC Politics?


There’s a quote by Ronald Reagan which defines how government operates,

    “When a business or an individual spends more than it makes, it goes bankrupt. When government does it, it sends you the bill. And when government does it for 40 years, the bill comes in two ways: higher taxes and inflation. Make no mistake about it, inflation is a tax and not by accident.”

How do Politicians Make Money? … the Left or the RIght, here’s how they steal money.

Stealing tax dollars is the most often committed reason for the down fall of a Politician or a Political Party

From Building Infrastructure to Co Operative Housing & MORE. It’s seems like an Accounting mayhem of thievery. Have a read!

(This paper was first published & can be found in FULL at on April 3, 2017)

All Rights Reserved with the Author, Randeep Dosanjh, with Written Request and Consent

Wall Street 101: (Sun Tzu) “War is About Deception”​

When I say to someone who is trying to get me OR would like to ruin me, I know they’re little people so when I invite them into my space then, I end by saying in my head, “Come to the Devil :)” . I often see fear, a trial at ambivalence which they walk away from to that they are doing something or think something or wanting to do something irrational and cheap. War is often undeclared openly amongst these types because they are weak little people. These situation declare we don’t like each other and then when I approach them about it, it is to openly declare that they are in my line of fire. Now warfare is public, they cannot hide and now they wait in fear or learn and step away. Your army and its full capabilities should be kept in shadows. Slither like a snake, don’t gallop like a horse or hunt like a lion, you’re competition should destroy itself or be strangled in silence with its own moves.

(This article was first Published on November 13, 2016 at
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Vancouver Recruitment not Just a Problem for Clients looking Candidates


“I can Attest to the Nightmare faced when dealing with either this “herd” or any it’s contacts in the industry:

  • I’ve been not paid 3 times
  • had to quit once due to a bad placement
  • I’ve been fired without cause in every instance where I didn’t quit.
  • Sent to interviews to be laughed at, discredited and told that I lied on my resume
  • Discrediting my references AND my work to a point where my reputation has been under fire
  • It’s so bad that, I got sent to Regina, Saskatchewan and got sent back in 6 days for a 12 month contract (once again from an Alberta based companies’ Project Manager)
  • 100% failure rated when dealing with this “herd” of 3rd party firms or contacts of this “herd” either from Vancouver head quartered firms or with the contacts there of…”

(This article was first published at on  August 14, 2016)

Chinese are taking over Canada, Canadian Politicians Can’t Stop Them



“…Here is what the advantages are to growing urban centres by forcing new comers to settle out of Vancouver…

  1. This holds value of your current stock with increases, as you move then..
  2. The step above (1) strengths or Increases the barter amount / currency value
  3. Creates jobs
  4. Build economies
  5. Increases future stock value
  6. Increases development of new real estate
  7. That new real estate filled with new comers and people already reside there gets filled with residential and business real estate spaces
  8. Schools and health care facilities roll in with estential services – this creates more jobs
  9. These steps create more tax payers and more tax dollars
  10. Creates urban tourism and vacation spots outside of just Vancouver


Why won’t tax surcharges work?

Because what is a measliy little tax to some who over bids to begin with? People who have to work really hard for thier money don’t blow money into the wind the way Chinese ove bidding happens which tells common sense business people like myself, they either don’t have to work very hard for it OR it’s being laundered.


So why is density of populations bad for the economy? Why is bad for the people who live here?

  • Dense populations in urban centres create class denomination over many years where in old buildings move people who are much lower on the socio economic ladder – that creates Ghettos
  • Dense populations in urban centres raise crime rates – petty crime, drugs, prostitution, street level drugs and other crimes…”

(This article was first published at on  July 11, 2016)

Randeep Dosanjh

Randeep Dosanjh

Systems Analyst / PM at Not Disclosed



Uber and the Taxi Cab Industry Truth



(This article was first published at on Nov 15, 2015)

“…Read the Article Below – No matter how you cut it, this will kill the Canadian Economy and Destroy a Sector – whether you want to or NOT. Read the article below if you haven’t then read why this is the worst thing for transportation business & the economy – perhaps one of the worst, EVER. It’s a Competition hell whole which will eventually turn into a Taxi business again anyway but killed jobs before it got there. Any competition in this arena would only saturate it NOT bring forward Newer, Better business. It is limited in it’s ability to do that – here’s why…


Canadian Real Estate Sold to Chinese? You Got it!


(Burton Cummings and Bill Wallace of the Canadian Super-Band: The Guess Who)

(This article was first published at on Nov 15, 2015)

“…To make it clear:

  1. Canadians need to brand “Made in Canada” to save our nation to empower the credibility future generations of goods and services
  2. Canadians need to empower Canadian youth and teenagers on Financial Education
  3. Canadians need long term stable economies with long term stable jobs & careers
  4. Canadians need to provide government policies which do not prevent competition while maintaining Canadian Consumer Power and Canadian Investor Power


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